Payment Page Help

The information below will help you complete the second page of the payment process. Please note that the fields displayed on this page may vary from merchant to merchant. Any fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be completed before your payment can be processed.

 Card Details

This section deals with all your card or payment details, including your card number and card expiry date. The security code, which is printed on most cards, is the three or four digit number on the back of your card. For further information see: security code help.

 Cardholder Details

In this section you need to supply your billing address which must match the address held by your card issuer. There are two possible address formats which are outlined below

Segmented Address

Block Address

Address 1 *

Billing Address *

Address 2

Postcode/Zip code

Address 3

Country *

Town/City *


Postcode/Zip code

Country *

An asterisk (*) denotes a mandatory field, in some cases Postcode/Zip code may also be mandatory.

In addition to your Billing Address you will also be asked to supply a Telephone number, Fax number and Email address. Email address may be mandatory in which case it will be marked with an asterisk (*).

 Delivery Details

In addition to your Billing Address you may also be required to supply a Delivery Address. The requirements format of the delivery address will match one of those described above for the Billing Address and will mandate the same details.