Payment Page Help

The information below will help you complete the first step of the payment process. Note: if the merchant has only one payment method, this page may not be displayed. You should also be aware that the fields available on this page may vary from merchant to merchant.

Please check the description and amount of your goods or services, and select a currency. If only one currency is available, the choose currency field may not appear on the payment page.

 Click on your payment method

Click on the logo of your debit card, credit card or other payment method. If your payment method is not displayed here you may wish to choose another, or contact the merchant by email or telephone to pay by alternative means.


This button will completely cancel your transaction. As you have not yet entered any card details, please be assured that you will not be charged for the goods or services listed on this page. At this stage you may wish to return to the merchant's store to review your purchase.