FuturePay from WorldPay allows you to pay for goods or services online, by instalments. Your debit or credit card is periodically charged for an agreed length of time - an online equivalent of traditional direct debit or standing order payments.

 Paying with FuturePay

If you want to make a purchase using FuturePay, you should have selected the FuturePay option on the merchant's web site. Details of your FuturePay agreement will then be displayed on the payment page.

FuturePay payments can only be made through participating merchants. You must fill in a section of the merchant's payment pages, which you can also do whilst making a standard payment. Once your request to set up an agreement has been processed, you will be given a FuturePay ID. This allows you to monitor the progress of your agreement on the WorldPay Shopper Management System (SMS) at: https://support.worldpay.com/admin. Here you can track each transaction and make amendments to your agreement, or make changes to your card and contact details.

 Cancelling a FuturePay Agreement

If you want to cancel your agreement, log in to the Shopper Management System (SMS) using both your shopper username and password. Select your agreement, then click the View Details button to display full details of your agreement. Click the Cancel button at the bottom of FuturePay agreements details and confirm the cancellation by clicking the Yes button on the confirmation screen.