WorldPay Shopper Guarantee 

We want you to shop with confidence at all WorldPay Guaranteed online stores. If you make a purchase from a participating store, you can be sure that we will refund your payment if your goods or services are unsatisfactory, or if they are not delivered in accordance with the terms of our contract.

For instance, if we are satisfied that a WorldPay Guaranteed store has failed to deliver the goods or services you ordered, or they were defective - WorldPay will refund your card payment. If you wish to request a refund under this guarantee then contact us at

To qualify for this guarantee, you should notify us promptly of the problem and explain why you are entitled to a refund, quoting your transaction number (which is contained in our email to you confirming the transaction). We will assess whether you are entitled to a refund and take care of the liaison with the store. Please allow at least the length of time advised by the store for delivery. No claim can be dealt with under this guarantee if made after 60 days from the original transaction date. WorldPay's decision is final. In no circumstances shall WorldPay be liable to you for more than the amount of the card payment made by you. This guarantee is personal to you, governed by English law and does not limit any legal or other rights you may have.

Please note that this guarantee applies to participating stores only. All WorldPay Guaranteed stores carry a Guaranteed By WorldPay logo.

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